Envirothon Background, History and Competition Information

The Missouri Envirothon Program consists of 7 regions across the state with each regional holding a competition either in the fall or early spring.  The top three teams from each of these regional competitions advance to the state competition, the Missouri Envirothon.  The state competition is held in the central part of the state in early May.  The winning Missouri Envirothon team will represent Missouri at the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon, the largest North American natural resource competition.  The Envirothon is held in varying locations across the United States and Canada with teams from Canadian Provinces and Territories, China and the majority of the United States.

Envirothon teams consist of 5 students from grades 9-12.  They compete at outdoor stations testing on aquatic ecology, soils/land use, forestry, wildlife, and a current environmental issue.  There is also an oral presentation component with the students presenting their solution to the problem they were given concerning the current issue topic for the year.

The Envirothon is a problem-solving, natural resource education program for high school students. In the field, teams of students are challenged to hone critical thinking skills and work as a team. They answer written questions and conduct hands-on investigation at the five outdoor testing stations as mentioned above.

In addition to a written test the teams also present an oral presentation solving a specific natural resource issue.  The Envirothon stimulates, reinforces, and enhances students’ interest in the environment and our state’s natural resources. The concept was created by the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts as an outdoor hands-on competition.

Envirothon can also be used as a curriculum guide in conjunction with classroom study.  Envirothon affords a unique approach to teaching environment education, and it’s fun!

The continuing support of the program reflects the participation and support of the county conservation districts, clubs, agencies, and private corporations.

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