2023 Regional Envirothon Competitions

  • St. Louis Region (4) – April 6th at Broemmelsiek County Park
  • Central Region (3) – April 12th at Runge Conservation Center
  • NE Region (2) – April 13th at Greenley Research Center
  • SW Region (5) – April 20th at Springfield Nature Center
  • NW Region (1) – Dates will vary
  • KC Region (7) – Contact Central (3) or NW (1) for Competition information
  • SE Region (6) – Contact St. Louis (4) or SW (5) for Competition information

Team Member Envirothon Medical Information and Photo Release Form

Advisor Envirothon Medical Information and Photo Release Form

2023 Regional OP Scoring Sheet

2023 Missouri State Envirothon
May 4th, 2023 – Location TBA

2023 State OP Scoring Sheet

For more information on the International (NCF) Competition that will be held in New Brunswick, Canada* in July 2023, click on the National Conservation Foundation link at the bottom of the page.

*ALL individuals that travel to Canada, WILL need to have their passport.  We are unsure on the vaccination status at this time.  We have also been made aware that there are other occurrences that may keep you from entering Canada (ex. a DWI).