Envirothon Resource Trunks (recommended materials 08/07)

“Envirothon Resource Trunks contain training materials for aquatics, soils, forestry and wildlife. This is not an all-inclusive list of information that may be included on tests. Envirothon focuses on interpretation and interrelationships, not rote memorization.”



Missouri Pond Life – poster (E002- MDC)

Missouri Stream Life – poster (E016-MDC)

Missouri’s Toads and Frogs – poster (EO12- MDC)

Missouri Toads & Frogs – pamphlet (E430- MDC)

Missouri Turtles – pamphlet (E468- MDC)

Groundwater: An Economic Resource Worth Protecting (BRO11-DNR)

Aquatic Ecosystem Student Guide (EOO137 MDC)

Aquatic Field & Classroom Activities Missouri Stream Team (on CD)

Missouri Springs – (PUB 656- DNR)

What is a Watershed? – (PA420 NRCS)

Watersheds Fact Sheet (Fact Sheet #2- MDC)

Fishing for Answers (EOO120 MDC)

An Introduction to Fishing (FIS152 MDC)

Water in Missouri (ED5-DNR) $3

Help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers (FIS002-MDC)

Know Missouri’s Catfish (FIS003-MDC)

Understanding Streams (FIS192-MDC)

Fishes of Missouri (01-0031-MDC) $17.00

6″ Bluegill replica (#FP-12155 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Largemouth Bass replica (#FP-12156 Acorn Naturalist) $11.95

Trout replica (#FP-9953 Acorn Naturalist) $13.95

Fieldmaster Student Secchi Disk (#77179 Forestry Suppliers) $26.50

Streamkeeper’s Field Guide $29.95

A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America ($23.07 @ Amazon.com)

Missouri’s Wetlands: A Vanishing Resource (WR-39 DNR) $15

Water Resource Sharing (WR -50 DNR) $22

Missouri’s Hidden Waters (BRO-8 DNR)

Small Stream Ecosystems – poster (E296 – MDC)

What’s In Your Water? (FIS273 MDC)

Why Watershed Conservation? (Fact Sheet #1 MDC)

Missouri Pond Handbook (FIS056 MDC)

Introduction to Missouri Fishes (FIS020 MDC)

Zebra Mussel’s (FIS013 MDC)


Anatomy of a White Oak Tree – poster (EO21- MDC)

Show Me Trees Poster (FO12-MDC)

Nature Scapes – Environmentally Sound Landscape Management (PUB611-DNR)

Oaks & Hickories (FO22-MDC)

Forest Management for Missouri Landowners (FO119-MDC)

Right Tree in Right Place (FO59-MDC)

TSI for Woodland Owners (FO35-MDC)

Watershed Protection Practices (FO50-MDC)

Fifty Common Trees of Missouri (FO88-MDC)

Trees of Missouri Field Guide(01-0201-MDC) $16.50

Key to Missouri Trees in Winter (MDC) $3.00

Tree and Log Scale Stick (#59770 Forestry Suppliers) $12.25

Measuring Trees Guide Sheet (on CD)

Rectangular Prism (#59026 Forestry Suppliers) $23.10

Leaf ID Kit (Acorn Naturalist #KIT-8297) $34.95

Curse of the Bush Honeysuckle (WOO001 MDC)

Hitchhiking Bugs (WOO004 MDC)

Threat of the Gypsy Moth (04/95 Conservationist Reprint)


Land & Water Management (MO NRCS)

Missouri Geology (POA-15 DNR) $24.95

In Partnership With People and a Healthy Land (PA1544 NRCS)

From the Ground Down – An Introduction to Soil Surveys (NRCS)

Soil Biology Primer (PA 1637 NRCS)

Understanding Soil Risks and Hazards (USDA NRCS)

Missouri General Soil Map & Soil Association Descriptions (NRCS)

3-5 Known Texture Samples from Soils Lab (Soils Lab)

Soil Survey (hard copy and CD)

FFA Soil Science Student Guide (on CD)

also available at http://soils.missouri.edu/data/studentguide.pdf

Conservation Choices

Chert, Fact Sheet (PUB 661- DNR)

Topographic Maps of Missouri (IC-15 DNR) $4.00

The Globe Soil Color Book (#77369 Forestry Suppliers) $40.00

Generalized Geologic Map of Missouri (FS-1 DNR)

Topography of Missouri (FS-5 DNR)

How to Teach with Topographic Maps (#36988 Forestry Suppliers) $14.95


Wildlife Ecostation Resource Materials (on CD)

Wildlife Management in Missouri (E117 MDC)

The Missouri Deer Game (EO49 MDC)

Life in a Fencerow – poster (EO84-MDC)

Animal Cards / Habitat Cards (EO77 & EO78 – MDC)

Missouri Animals of Conservation Concern (MDC)

Snakes of Missouri (E448-MDC)

Protecting Endangered Species in Missouri (SCI075-MDC)

Introduction to Missouri Furbearers (SCI138 MDC)

Wildlife Code of Missouri (W350-MDC)

Wildlife Management for Landowners (PLS182-MDC)

Birds in Missouri (01-0245-MDC) $30.00

Amphibians and Reptiles of Missouri (01-0190-MDC) $18.00

About Mammals and How they Live (MDC) $12.50

Turkey Track (#TR-3197 Acorn Naturalist) $6.95

Quail Track (#TR-4061 Acorn Naturalist) $3.95

Deer Track (#TR-3208 Acorn Naturalist) $9.95

Coyote Track (#TR-3214 Acorn Naturalist) $8.85

Beaver Track (#TR-3216 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Cottontail Track (#TR-3200 Acorn Naturalist) $6.95

Beaver Skull (#R-6233 Acorn Naturalist) $59.95

Raccoon Skull(#R-6232 Acorn Naturalist) $57.95

Whitetail doe skull (#R-7139 Acorn Naturalist) $109.95

Coyote skull (#R-6231 Acorn Naturalist) $58.95

Coyote pelt (XL SD – Groenewold Furs) $20.00

Opossum pelt (Med SD – Groenewold Furs) $5.00


Rich Grasslands for Missouri Landowners (PLS007-MDC)

The Terrestrial Natural Communities of Missouri (DNR) $7.50

Caves & Karst (SCI002-MDC)

Missouri’s Natural Communities: Forests (SCI049-MDC)

Missouri’s Natural Communities: Prairies (SCI048-MDC)

Glossary of Selected Terms of Conservation, Ecology, and Resource Use (EO45- MDC)

Ecological Approach to Conservation Education (E135- MDC)

Missouri – The Cave State (FS-15 DNR)

A Guide to Planning & Development of Outdoor Classrooms (E104 MDC)

Missouri Plants of Conservation Concern (MDC)


Magnifying Viewer (#T-15280 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Compass (#37064 Forestry Suppliers) $8.95

Missouri Conservationist (October 2005)

Missouri Resources (DNR quarterly)

Challenging Careers in NRCS (on CD)

MDC Conservation Education Materials Request Form (on CD)